Collaboration projects

Governance and technical advice and support for the establishment of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health. Partners include 3 levels of government, the resources sector, agricultural industry groups and a research institution. Client: Fitzroy Basin Association, 2010-11 (ongoing)

Fitzroy Partnership for River health

Design, establishment and management of the Reef Water Quality Partnership. Partners included Queensland and Australian Government agencies and the natural resource management groups of the Great Barrier Reef. The Partnership was instrumental in securing $200M Reef Rescue investment, as well as the update of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan. Client: Terrain NRM on behalf of the 6 regional NRM bodies of the GBR, 2005-2008.

Reef Plan


Evaluation projects

Caring for Our Country Review - issues paper on Reef Rescue as a delivery model. Review of lessons and issues from policy development, design and implementation of the $200M Reef Rescue program. Client: DSEWPAC, 2011

Evaluation of partnership arrangements for the delivery of collaborative water quality programs (SEQ Healthy Country, NQ Dry Tropics regional Reef Rescue partnerships, Reef Alliance). Clients: SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership 2010; NQ Dry Tropics, 2010; Regional Groups Collective, 2010.

Healthy Waterways (scroll down to SEQ Healthy Country Partnership Evaluation)

Adaptive management projects

Review of adaptive management strategies in the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Review of draft monitoring plans and advice on incorporation of adaptive management strategies. Client: MDBA, 2010

Research with CSIRO on the influence of collaborations on the knowledge used to inform policy decisions. Research project examining Great Barrier Reef water quality policy. Client: CSIRO, 2008-09.

CSIRO research report